What is Pachyderm Promos?

Pachyderm Promos is a Specialty Advertising firm delivering unique marketing concepts that build awareness and develop interest from our client’s audience. Through our targeted and creative approach, we find the right item to meet all budgets and deadlines while successfully promoting your company, product, business or event.

Why Promotional or Specialty Advertising?

Simply put ROMI or Return on Marketing Investment. Promotional advertising offers the best return on marketing investment of any advertising medium.  Specialty advertising creates a more lasting and favorable impression by recipients of the client and for pennies on the dollar when compared with nearly any other means of popular media advertising. Pachyderm Promos selects only quality items that best represent our clients and their goal to reach (and stay with) their specific audience.

Oh Yeah, my Friend’s Friend Does That?

No…they don’t. Pachyderm Promos is no run-of-the-mill chotchkie peddler. Our mission is delivering creative and detail focused marketing and branding campaigns that build awareness and interest through client specific product selection. Each client of Pachyderm Promos is different and honoring their reputations and goals is the motivating force behind our marketing efforts. From concept development and design, to product selection, proof review and timely delivery, Pachyderm Promos values each client's satisfaction and works closely with them to provide their audience with the best products available.

What is Your Audience Looking At?

Utilizing the skills of an experienced, dynamic and dedicated team, Pachyderm Promos has a successful history of cultivating brand recognition and building awareness of companies, products, corporate events and non-profit fundraising efforts. By knowing our clients and wisely utilizing their marketing dollars, we find the right products that their audience remembers.

Need some chotchkies?…Go call your friend’s friend. You want specialty advertising that delivers results?…Go with Pachyderm Promos…Promotional Advertising They Never Forget.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of promotional products and look forward to hearing from you.